Who is SYIL?

SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd., a family-owned company, develops and manufactures precision CNC machine tools for CNC milling and drilling purposes. Since its founding, the company has supplied over 12'000 machines worldwide. SYIL carries out the development, production, and assembly at its factories in Ningbo and Shanghai. All our factories in China operate according to the same quality standards. Throughout the years, SYIL has developed an international sales partner network to sell the machines globally.


SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd. not only assembles machines but also produces parts and components with a high degree of vertical integration, ensuring an optimally coordinated degree of precision. Certification of quality and environmental management according to the newest quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guarantees continuous improvement in all areas, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable production.


SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd. currently operates in more than ten countries around the world. The SYIL brand step by step becomes a well-known name in the industry.

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Our mission

Improve and enhance the machine tools industry.
Efforts to improve the technical standards for the world to produce and provide quality products.
By making excellent small high-speed high-precision machine tools for contributions to society.
Enhance and balance the company's development and well-being of employees

Our Milestones
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Our factories

SYIL has its own factories in the Ningbo and Shanghai area. At our factories, our own workers and engineers make SYIL's affordable CNC machines. Everyone works in line with our quality assurance procedures based on ISO 9001:2015.
Our factories are clean, well-organized, and modern. Most of our workers are working at SYIL already for many years and are experienced in their tasks.

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Worldwide delivery

SYIL is experienced in shipping machines straight from China to any customer around the world.

ISO 9001 certified

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore in our factories, we focus on the quality at each stage in our manufacturing process.

CE and CSA compliant

Rest assured all our machines comply with international CE (European standards) and CSA (Canadian) standards for machinery.

Worldwide support

Although we are still a small and humble company, we do provide good and hands-on online support in English to all worldwide clients.

Meet our team


Mr. Xushuo



Mr. Ken Zhang

International Sales Manager


Mr. Chen

Quality & Support


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Mr. Frans Buikema

International Marketing Manager