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Our SYIL CNC Fan from Melbourne

Aaron Powter is a happy SYIL customer since day one

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Aaron Powter, a Design Technology teacher from Melbourne, is a well-known public figure in the Australian CNC community. His Youtube channel and Instagram in which he gives so many CNC tutorial tips and tricks have a nice number of followers. And we are excited he bought himself a SYIL X7 Combo last year and is so happy with it.

Some recent CNC videos

Using Autodesk Fusion360 CAD CAM to find the fastest tapping speed I can obtain on my Syil X7 CNC milling machine.

CNC machining toe clamps for my Orange Vise on the Syil X7 combo milling machine using Autodesk Fusion360 CAD CAM software.

How to install and tram your Orange Vise on the Syil X7 Combo.

About Aaron Powter

Aaron is a Design Technology teacher working and living in Melbourne. He loves all things from engineering, CNC-CAD-CAM machining, RC aircraft, Robots, mechatronics and more.


That's his name on Youtube. We like to stress: SYIL does not pay Aaron for making his videos about SYIL. We highly respect Aaron for being independant and unbiased in making his CNC tutorial videos. 

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